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Business Focus

Business Focus equips learners with the English they need to communicate in the workplace.

A two-level foundation course in business English. 100 hours of teaching material, supported by a further 100 hours of self-study materials on CD-ROM, on audio CD, in the Student's Book and Workbook, and on the Business Focus website.

  • A genuine foundation business English course, with a carefully graded syllabus
  • A focus on speaking and listening, and language of immediate practical use. Units feature games, role-plays, and special discussion sections, Focus on Business Issues
  • Multilingual word and expression lists in five world languages at the back of the Elementary Student's Book, and a glossary of key words at Pre-Intermediate
  • Every Student's Book comes with a CD-ROM including video clips from the OUP business video series Big City, and audio for all the key words. The Elementary CD-ROM also has interactive role-plays, with a record and playback facility for students to record their own voice, and a bank of model emails where students can copy and paste useful phrases into their own emails
  • Every workbook comes with an audio CD, with additional listening material
Book + CDROMcurrently unavailable43,60 €
Paper versioncurrently unavailable32,10 €
Book + Audio CDcurrently unavailable23,80 €
Audio CDcurrently unavailable40,60 €
Paper versioncurrently unavailable32,10 €
Book + Audio CDavailable23,80 €
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